Ideas from Max Winchester

These ideas from Max Winchester

  1. Environment:  How do we make MRSC zero emissions?  Electric/Plug in Hybrid vehicles?  Solar/Wind powering buildings etc.  Perhaps they should employ an officer helping community organisations and people green their buildings to help us become a low emissions municipality?
  2. Cycling:  I believe strongly that all of our villages are perfectly suited for cycling around (and between).  Cycling infrastructure must be a priority.
  3. Town Plans:  I think we in Woodend have fought and lobbied hard to get a very decent town plan up.  Now we need to protect the rest of our beautiful villages in the same way.
  4. Protecting Heritage:  I think it should be a priority that all older buildings (lets start within anything older than 80 years?) should be placed on a heritage list so they can’t just be bought by developers and torn down.  We have an amazing amount of history in our villages, let’s not lose it

2 thoughts on “Ideas from Max Winchester

  1. Max I am particularly interested in your comments on cycling in villages. Here is an simple idea which has proved successful all over the world. It could make cycling more popular without attracting the cost associated with infrastructure. Lobby the state government to run say a twelve month trial which would suspend mandatory helmet legislation in the Macedon Ranges Shire. For more info look up “freestyle cyclist” on the web. Mandatory helmet legislation is a huge disincentive for regular and relaxed utility cycling as a big part of village life.
    Rob Bakes


  2. I fully support Rob Bakes comment on cycling. Before mandatory helmet laws, many ordinary people got around on bikes. Now people associate cycling with racing and sport. People wrongly believe mandatory helmets save lives but the evidence does not support this. Cycling actually became more dangerous after bike helmet laws as many safe cyclists gave up riding .
    The villages of the Macedon Ranges would be perfect for a trial relaxation of the law. The trial could initially take place within the townships, with speed limits for motor vehicles. This would limit the potential for collisions. The aim would be to enable ordinary people to use the bicycle for short trips to the shops, workplaces and educational venues and reducing congestion, pollution and parking issues.


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