Matthew Nickson’s idea of recording Ordinary Council Meetings

Recording of Ordinary Council meetings.
1. Audio recording of council meetings should be begun as soon as possible to ensure Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability in decision making.
At the November 2015 meeting of Council a petition signed by 230 ratepayers was tabled requesting Council to introduce audio recording of Council Meetings and provide a copy of the recording on the Council web site alongside the formal meeting minutes.
At the council meeting of February 2016 Council voted unanimously to refer this issue of Recording of Council Meetings to the 2016/17 budget process for the required infrastructure funds to facilitate audio / video recording of Council Meetings. 
 Also at the same meeting Council voted  (6 / 3) that all Council meetings should be held at Gisborne from July 2107. The main argument used to support this motion was the fact that Council was going to consider publishing audio recording of council meetings on councils website and so would reach far more people than attend meetings now.

The end result of this was that the past Council could not find any funding to implement basic audio recording and Council meetings are no longer held at Kyneton, Romsey and Woodend.

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