Candidate Responses

Here are video interviews of candidates who were prepared to answer our questions at a high level of engagement. We thank them for their contribution and their real committment to community. Every candidate was sent a warm invitation for interview.

Most of the Red Light candidates ignored our request for a response to our questions. None of the seven Red Light candidates requested a video or audio interview and only one (Brian Wilson) was prepared to send us a written statement. Current councillors were generally assessed on their voting patterns and performance over their four years of service. Other Red light candidates were at least partly assessed from their involvement in local politics previously.

Mark Ridgeway

Here is the nitty gritty of Mark Ridgeway’s answers to FDR’s questions. Check the video out and make your own assessment of someone whom we describe as an excellent candidate

Lenka Thompson West Ward

In this video Lenka Thompson standing in the West Ward talks to the FDR assessment team. This candidate ticked all the boxes. Yes she is an endorsed Greens candidate but, none the less, an excellent choice for the election of a progressive council. Like many other candidates with strong Liberal or Labor party affiliations who our team endorsed, Lenka was clear about her independence from party manipulation. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

Adrian Gauci South Ward

Watch this indepth interview with a remarkable green light candidate from the South Ward. What an asset he would be to the new council!  Adrian is a committed independent. Check out what he has to say and make your own assessment.  
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Annette Death

Annette is one of the six women we choose for nine vancancies to fullfil FDR’s ideal of a creating a progressive council for our region. Everyone was chosen on merit not with any positive discrimination in mind. Watch Annette’s video and judge her suitability yourself.

Christine Walker

Christine Walker is another excellent green light candidate standing in the South Ward. Christine has huge experience in community engagement… a subject very dear to FDR.

Jennifer Anderson