Candidate Questions

The Forum for Democratic Renewal (FDR) congratulates you on your intention to serve the communities across the Macedon Ranges as a Councillor. As a Shire-wide community group, we are keen to interview and assess all the candidates standing in the current election. 

In the last election many residents used our traffic light voting system to help them decide who to vote for. Our intention is to assist everyone in the same way for this election.

Could you please consider the following three policy areas, and for current Councillors, a fourth category. Your answers will help our committee to assess you as a candidate. Before you dive into the questions please read the background which is published on the home page of our
1. You can use this form or email your answers to
2. If you would like to give a verbal response as part of a zoom interview we would be very appreciative. East Ward candidates contact Lyn on 0418 559640. South Ward and West Ward candidates contact Rob on 0427 580803
You can choose either a written or verbal response or settle for both.

Climate Change

  • What actions will you support to combat ecological breakdown and reducing the carbon footprint of Council and the whole Shire?
  • By what date should Council achieve carbon neutrality?

Democratic Renewal

  • What will you do to ensure community opinion on town development guides Council decisions?
  • What innovations in local democratic processes do you want to see funded in Council’s next budget?

Urban Sprawl

  • What do you think is the best way to house the 1000’s of people who are looking to move to the Macedon Ranges?
  • What is your general position on innovative infill development which could be facilitated within the current town boundaries.
  • How do you reconcile growth of towns with protection of the character and environment of the Ranges?

Current Councillors

  • What are you most proud of that this current council has achieved in the last term?
  • Which were the most important decisions you voted on?