Jamie Byron

Here is another excellent candidate for South Ward. Its certainly worthwhile getting to know Jamie  as a potential Councillor by watching our interview.


Rosie Torr

We would like to introduce another green light candidate from West Ward. Rosie Torr is a young mother who lives in Kyneton. We have had decades of the “Old Boys’ Club” isn’t it time we represented other sections of the community in council?
Get to know Rosie and hear why she is standing in this interview:
Her FB page is @rosietorrwestward

RosieTorr 2.jpg

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson is standing in West Ward for her second term as a Councillor. Congratulations Jennifer on the brave stand you have made in support of the community over the last four years. We will certainly need you more than ever to help new progressive Councillors to play an effective role in local government. Watch our interview here:

Jen Anderson.jpeg

Mandi Mees

Here is another brilliant candidate from the South Ward…Mandi Mees. Mandi is one of seven women we chose out of a total of thirteen green light candidates. Watch her video interview below:

The Macedon Ranges is where I am raising my young family. Protecting the village character and rural lifestyle we all enjoy is important to me. If elected, the seat on council would not be mine, but that of the people. To build our future, we must work together to make common sense decisions that benefit everyone, and not the privileged few. The community should lead the conversation about how we invest in our future. Gisborne is an important service hub. It needs strategic support to plan future services and facilities that respond to a growing population. Investing wisely to help sustain a vibrant and sustainable business and arts community is vital. As a councillor, my approach is to think long term to get best value for our public dollar, ensuring the needs of the people are adequately reflected in council policies. Professionally, as National Policy Director for a not for profit industry association, I work with governments and businesses developing transport, planning and sustainability solutions every day. I founded the Macedon Villages Volunteers, leading community missions attracting $1.25million value to our shire. Inappropriate development in Macedon was stopped by the community under my leadership. To find out more, visit

Luke Spielvogel

Luke Spielvogel video     

Luke is a green light candidate for the West Ward.


Helen Radnedge

Helen Radnedge is one of our South Ward green light candidates. Watch her story below.

Helen Radnedge 2.jpg