The New Four Year Council Plan

It’s time to re-engage your Council!


He’s a frightening prospect!

Let’s all quietly start to do what we can to keep hate politics out of our back yard by building a benign,collaborative tribalism which is firmly anchored to ideas of broad social inclusion and consensual decision making. Surely there has never been a greater need for engagement of ordinary people in the political process, and a strong partnership with our elected representatives.

Here are some positives to start the ball rolling.

  • We now have a progressive council which is committed to consulting the community in a genuine manner. The first test of this commitment is the development of a new council plan which will guide council decisions over the next four years.
  • The on-line survey is a start, but to broaden the focus, written submissions are essential. Many of us have filled in plenty of surveys over the years with little resulting action. This time it must be different!
  • We need to remind our council of the three and a half thousand signatures asking for a commitment by the council to carbon neutrality and clean energy.
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  • What about a commitment in the new council plan to the use of deliberative democracy as part of their consultation process?  The state government’s response to the Geelong Citizens Jury is now less than two months away. Who knows what good things could come our way if our council shows a real desire to experiment with deliberative democracy.
  • This from Ross Colliver….                                                             “Support town level discussion between community groups, and regular discussion between residents. On local issues, take one specific issue known to be salient in that town, each quarter, and work through the options residents see for improving things. To do this, run two sessions a week apart, the first to open up the options, the second to pick the best out of the options. Do this three times a year on different issues, so you draw in interests across different kinds of residents. “2017… the climate emergency marches on…the toxic stench of politics is enough to choke you!Clear the air and breathe life into our democratic ideals by giving some time and energy to citizenship…
  • Fill in the council survey
  • Prepare a written submission
  • Forward your ideas to our email address(below) so we can promote them on our facebook pages and websites
  • Submissions close in a fortnight on Sunday February 12th so we all need to get on our bikes without delay!                                                                                                                                                                      Need some more inspiration for your submission?
  • Go to our website and trawl through the kitchen table conversations.    
  • Have a look at the ideas submitted to our “Appetising Ideas” Forum from late last year.